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Regional Information, History, Links and More

Click here to view information about The Adirondacks: Past, Present & Future

Click here Tales of the Valley. About life in the town of Keene.

Real Estate Information Online

Sites for Buyers and Sellers

Consumer Information and Publications on Housing from the U.S. Gov't
Access the Consumer Information. Lots of solid information courtesy of your tax dollars- from mortgage info to home repairs. Great!

Your Guide to Home Buying/Selling
Buying a home? Selling your home? A broad range of info for all.

Real Estate Dictionary
Very helpful.....a glossary of over 1000 real estate words, language and terms.

Home Tips
This site is very user-friendly and contains lots of articles, tips and resources dealing with a wide array of topics, such as home improvements, remodeling tips, home inspections and much more. Check it out.

Inspection, Appraisal, Assessments & Septic Systems

Home Inspection Tips
This site is chock full of information for sellers and how to get your home ready for sale. Very helpful.

The American Society of Home Inspectors
This is the site for ASHI, a not-for-profit group which certifies home inspectors. They're the major home inspector's association in America.

All About Appraisals
How is the value of my house determined? How do I deal with a low appraisal? These and other questions are answered on this very informative site.

New York State Assessment Manuel
Everything you ever wanted to know about New York Assessments for residential properties and vacant land!

The Septic System Information Website
This site gets our vote! A vast array of information and links.

Information for Buyers

Homebuyer's Fair
Lot's of web based automatic planners and calculators here- plan your move, calculate your mortgage.

First Time Home Buyers
If you are a first-time home buyer, check out this 10 Step Guide to Buying a House, courtesy of Realtor.com

Information for Sellers

Information for Home Sellers from American Home Inspector
How do I make my home appealing to buyers? How do I set a fair price for my home? Answers to these and several other questions.

Which Improvements Pay Off?
Do you want to know if that new bathroom will add value to your home? What about that deck? You'll find some helpful info on this Realtor.com site.

Preparing Your House for Sale
Here are some great tips, hints and ideas for creating a great first impression and making your house appealing to buyers.


All about mortgages. Great design, diverse information.

Mortgage Qualifier
Do I qualify? Get a general idea from this interactive qualifier with no strings attached. Look at their site to find out just how much that mortgage will cost over time with their mortgage calculator, lots of other information as well.

Mortgage Calculator
How much will my payments be if I finance for 30 years? 15 years? This site will help you determine answers to these questions and more.

Adirondack History

The history of the Adirondacks is documented in several sites on the web. Follow these links to see how time has passed in these mountains.

The History page at Adirondack Net and Adirondacks Research Consortium

History of the Town of Keene, New York

Adirondack Realty is pleased to bring you James Bailey's History of the Town of Keene. Written in 1980, history has progressed beyond some of the information cited here, but the bulk of this text is a fascinating exploration into the development of the town Adirondack Realty calls home. We'd like to hear from any of you who would like to illuminate a part of Keene's history on this web site- write us!

Historic Photos

The Library of Congress has mounted the fabulous American Memory site which has a digital collection of media on thousands of topics. For some spectacular photos and other interesting information, visit historic photos of the Adirondacks and of the Town of Keene. Several of the photos of boarding houses in this collection have been linked to from the History of the Town of Keene pages in our site.

Tales of the Valley

Adrian Edmonds, founder of Adirondack Realty, was born in Keene Valley in 1909. During the course of his lifetime he has had the opportunity to hear a great many tales about life in the town of Keene, and has for the past few years been working to record these stories for posterity. We've placed a few of our favorites here in hopes that you will enjoy them as much as we do.

General Information

The Adirondacks are the largest state park in the contiguous 48 states. Among the oldest mountains in the nation, they are renowned for their stunning vistas, crystal waters, and its vast wilderness. Following the links below should suffice to give anyone a sense of what qualities embody the park today.

The Adirondack Regional Tourism Site

Official regional tourism site with info on each Adirondack County, although focuses on Lake Placid area in Essex County. There's lots of information on the many recreational opportunities in the Adirondacks, including hiking, fishing, hunting, birding, boating, skiing and more.

Adirondack Information from the University of Vermont
Adirondack Net

Again, you may have visited this site already if you followed the Adirondack History links.

Adirondack Almanack

Cultural and Historical Places of Interest

Check out some of our area libraries, museums, theaters the North Country has to offer.

Adirondack Architectural Heritage

Adirondack History Center

Lake Placid Center for the Arts

JEMS:Amos and Julia Ward Theatre

The Depot Theatre

The Upper Jay Art Center

Keene Valley Library

Keene Public Libraray

Wells Memorial Library

Hiking,Biking, Skiing and more......

Lots of opportunities to enjoy the Adirondacks. Find out why our area is on everyone's list of favorite places to visit!

Adirondack Mountain Club

Rock and River

Keene Fitness

The Mountaineer

Adirondack 46's

Whiteface Mountain

The Whiteface Region

The AuSable Chasm

Our Towns and Schools

If you are planning to move to the North Country, here are some websites that may interest you about our area towns and schools.

Keene Central School
Elizabethtown Lewis Central School
Westport Central School
Ausable Valley Central School
Lake Placid Central School
The Town of Keene
The Town of Jay
The Town of Westport

The APA and Land Use - The Environment and Conservation

The Adirondack Park Agency (APA), was created in 1892 by the State of New York amid concerns for the water and timber resources of the region. Today the Park is the largest publicly protected area in the contiguous United States and encompasses approximately 6 million acres, nearly half of which belongs to all the people of New York State and is constitutionally protected to remain "Forever Wild" forest preserve. The remaining half of the Park is private land which includes settlements, farms, timber lands, businesses, homes and camps.

While the APA is directly responsible for guiding the future of land use within the park, many other organizations address specific land use concerns. The links that follow lead to both government agencies and public interest groups who have something to say on this topic.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
The Blue Line Council
The Ausable River Association
The Adirondack Council

That's all for now... if you know of any links or information that ought to be included here please send us your suggestions!

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