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Residential Properties: Pinewood

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Pinewood is a two house (home) property connected by porches on four acres in town. During its ninety years, (it was built for a young woman by her father) the smaller house was originally a kitchen/guest house…the big summer house with its large windows and overhanging roofs, keeping it cool in the summertime…has had minor renovations…the kitchen is up to date as are all the bathrooms (three upstairs and a powder room on the first floor)…the four bedrooms on the second floor are large, providing wonderful light and views.

The latest renovation in 2005 turned the smaller house into a year round home, retaining all original pine paneling in keeping with the large summer house…but added some space which became a first floor bedroom and bath, new kitchen, small TV room, laundry room, powder room and garage. There is a dining room with wood stove and a living room with a big granite fireplace matching the one in the summer house. There is also air conditioning upstairs for the original two bedrooms with a bath and a half and new office space…also downstairs. An automatic generator provides electricity for the whole house when power outages occur…not often. Town water instead of a well, provides water, eliminating well worries.

The house has no road expenses except for occasional plowing during snow storms, unusual when compared to homes which are built high on mountain roads. The gardens are all mature and planted in the last ten years…the yards are fenced…except for the fields which are filled with wild flowers all summer and fall.

The present owners have lived very comfortably for ten years in the smaller winterized house with all of its amenities, keeping the big house for family use all summer long. The big house sleeps 8-10 comfortably…the winter house 6-7. The larger summer home is shut down in winter.

The Keene Valley school is situated behind the house with athletic fields adjoining the property…a beautiful pond with a trail for climbing access to Rooster Comb Mountain…just footsteps away.

In addition to being a perfect place for the extended family, consider the many income producing possibilities this property has to offer, such as an inn, B & B or even a restaurant. The possibilities are endless!

Keene Valley, New York $775,000

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